Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Video Editor - Professional Video Editing Service | YouTube | GoPro

To put it simply, we edit your videos into a final feature to give you and your audience an enjoyable experience.

We work within your desired turn around time, usually 5-9 days depending on the scope of project. We're known for our communication and deliver completed videos conveniently through Youtube, Dropbox or Vimeo.

Projects We've done include:

- YouTube Videos
- Music Videos
- Raw Travel Footage edited into an Epic Vacation Movie
- Marketing Videos
- Real Estate Listing Videos
- Commercial Reels
- Go Pro Videos
- Video Journalism
- Branding
- Interviews
- Product Promotion
- and much much more. . .

Here's my web site: LocalAdz.info where you can browse for the following:

* Portfolio
* Pricing estimates with examples
* More about me, who I am, and what I can do


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